Slowly but surely

Today I tried to squeeze SO MUCH into the two hours I have free in between jobs, and I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished. First, I took a little detour on the way home to the brand spanking new Dollar Tree that was just built around the corner from me. It is awesome there, and it is especially awesome because since it just opened this week it is not disgusting yet.

I got all sorts of stuff I don’t really need there, including a project I hope to share this weekend. The main reason for my detour, though, was to pick up 4 gallons of bleach. Yup, four gallons. Matt and I have learned that we don’t need to buy insanely expensive chemicals to shock our pool before closing it- all we need to do is add four gallons of bleach a day for 3-4 days (while running the filter and skimming it regularly). Once it’s looking clear, we drain it halfway and it’ll preserve throughout the winter! I decided it was best that we buy our bleach in stages and not all at one place, because I’m pretty sure if we bought twelve gallons of bleach at once someone would think we were covering up a murder scene.

After I finished bleaching the pool, I moved inside to once again work on my living room shutter project. I am finally able to announce that it is 90% completed!

The front of each shutter has been spray painted black and two white framed prints have been tucked into each one. It’s so hard to photograph exactly what each print looks like, but trust that they are adorable. I’ve mounted them all unevenly within each shutter so it doesn’t look to matchy-matchy, but they all are all matching patterns in the same frame. To have the yellow, gray, black, and white room theme all contained in such a small space really shows how nicely the colors go together. The black painted wooden shutters also look like a set with the black painted wooden mirror and the black painted wooden occasional tables… I think I have a thing for painted wood….

On the back of each shutter you can see that the frames are all held in with their own stands, so there’s no nails or glue needed for that part. Since the shutters weren’t really meant to hang on a wall, they didn’t have any wire or hooks on them. To fix this, I used the metal tabs from soda cans hammered in at the bottom opening and slightly bent out at the top opening (which will be the hook part). I’m hoping they hold up well, I’m pretty confident they will.

After adding the tabs and straightening the frames, I moved on to the part of the project I know will be the absolute death of me. I am terrible with spacial relations when it comes to hanging things on the wall- I am known for making hole after hole until things are even, for drawing marks right on the wall then repainting it later when I find out it’s in the wrong place, and for giving up all together and just sticking things to the wall with velcro. For all of this, I am determined to get this right! I measured the length of the wall (you can see the measuring table in the picture above)and  placed my shutters at even intervals then wrote down the intervals instead of thinking I could memorize them.

Then, I cut three strips of paper and traced where the hooks were on each tab. I taped the strips on the wall at the height and space they needed to be and used a level to redraw the hook mark and exact spot I need to nail. Currently the middle shutter is a little off center, but I had to go to work so this is where things stand at the moment:

 You can see the shutters are all placed correctly (and looking adorable, if I may add), but the center strip of paper is a little off. I plan to correct that when I get home tonight and hopefully get these hung once and for all! Wish me luck!


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