Great Success!

Today I finally finally finished one of the zillion projects I’ve been working on around here and I am beyond pleased with how it looks. Here’s a little photo journal of how I created my new kitchen art:

I found this catastrophe in the basement when we moved in and immediately knew it would be perfect for the wall space between our kitchen window and kitchen cabinet. It was pretty gross, this picture actually makes it look good. The wood was scratched and nicked, the mirror had paint drip stains all over it, and whatever used to be on the lefthand and righthand sides was nowhere to be found.

I took off the hooks, filled the holes, and sanded the whole piece down to prepare it for paint…

After cleaning and taping off the mirror, it took 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of plain white paint (leftover from when we painted the downstairs trim) to get it looking this good.

I decided to turn the two sides into pin boards so I cut out cardboard from the box of some new boots I got (thanks mom!), wrapped that in quilting batting, then wrapped that in fabric. Once it was wrapped I used ribbon to create the rest of the pin board, you’ll see what I mean when you see the front in the next view. I was going to use my staple gun to hold it altogether, but the wasn’t thick enough and the staples stuck through so instead I just used tape and a dowel to secure it all in. I’m very professional.

So here it is clean, fresh white, and with the holes filled and adorable. Almost done!

Ta da! I put two graphic recipe cards in the boards (purchased off here) and then measured about 900 times before Matt drilled anchors and screws into the wall to hold it.

I am absolutely in love! It is so cute and perfect for the space. Once I get the rest of my projects cleaned off the kitchen counters, I’ll take a long shot of the room so you can see how it all pulls together.

Overall, things I learned from this project:

  •  If you’re not sure if you need another coat of primer, just paint it on in case!
  • Double check your depth before using a staple gun
  • Measure, level, measure, and level again! I actually cut out a piece of wrapping paper the size of the piece, poked holes where the wall hangings were, then taped it on the wall and used it to make sure everything lined up. It worked wonders!

What do you think of my trash to treasure creation?!


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