Art Up!

Matt’s office has been painted and set up for a few weeks now, but we’ve been really dragging our feet hanging up the art. However, it’s finally done!

This room and the movie room are really the only spaces in which Matt has a say what gets hung on the walls (sorry,  Matt)- not because he has bad taste but because he has SO MANY POSTERS that I know they’d creep into other spots if I didn’t hold firm. There were talks of hanging a Nightmare On Elm Street print in the half bath at one point and seriously, I just couldn’t pee under those conditions. But anyway, I digress.

The only thing left to do in this room, besides vacuum the rug, is to hang window toppers. Unfortunately, the past two times I went to Walmart to grab black window toppers they had none. Maybe third time’s the charm!

Here's the view of the room from the back left corner. Matt's got two posters up, a bulletin board, and some wall storage. It's crowded, but I think it looks really nice. And yes that's our trash can on the desk- Dutch loves to run in there at 5am, pull everything out of it, and bring it to us while we're sleeping so it had to be elevated.



Our friends got us the Frank Turner poster at a concert we had tickets to but were unable to make, I picked up the Anberlin poster at Bamboozle Left last year, the bulletin board is about 15 years old and we got it from my brother's old bedroom, and the metal storage pockets are from TJ Maxx.


I framed the two posters myself with frames from Michael’s, they each took two nails so I used my trusty tissue paper method. I tape tissue paper the length of the frame to the back of it and poke holes where the nail hooks are. Then I tape the tissue paper to the wall, use a level to get it right, and hammer away!  I’m sure there’s a more efficient method out there, but that’s what works for me so I’m staying true.

On the opposite wall hang two of Matt's most prized possessions.... right on top of the cat restroom station. At least it's hidden behind the door, so you don't see it until you walk all the way into the room and turn around.


Up close and personal: Matt's two signed Cinematic Titanic posters along with 2 signed tickets from their shows. Once again, I framed these myself.


So there you go, another room that’s just about complete! We are moving along here people!

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