More Bathroom Brightening

I tried at least 8 ways to photograph the bathroom in a way that shows what I actually did, but it was impossible. So you’re going to need to use your imagination a little.

I decided that I like the openness and brightness of not having a shade or curtain on the window but because we have neighbors directly behind us, something needed to be done. I got frosted contact paper from my grandmother and put it up over the window, that way the light still comes in but no one can see us showering (whew!)

When I tried to photograph this as a wide shot, it was so bright that the window was blown out and you couldn’t even see that there was something on it. This is a super close up of the contact paper applied to both panes of the window. I measured, cut, and applied it with my license. If you use your hand to smooth out the paper when you’re peeling the back off you’re going to end up with a lot of bubbles and bumps, so instead slowly peel it back while flattening the contact paper with a smooth surface (like a license!). I also used a razor to cut the paper where the window lock is and around some of the edges where it ended up a little long. The window was longer then the length of the paper by about 3 inches, so I just lined up the design the best I could. You can still see a little bit of the seam, but I think it looks just fine.

I also got a new white shower curtain, silver hooks, and two white rugs for the room. Again you can’t tell by the picture, but the pattern on the shower curtain is the same as the pattern on the contact paper:

Overall, I think the room is looking about as good as it can until we get rid of the tile. The white really makes it look cleaner and the open window helps to curb some of the claustrophobia you feel when you’re in there.

Here’s a view from the shower curtain out into the hall:

There's the second little rug in front of the sink, with a white hand towel to match. I still need to paint that silver mirror white but I have a few other projects to get to before I tackle that.

I got the shower curtain at Target and the rugs at Bed, Bath & Beyond (with a gift certificate!) so it was under $50 for all three. All three are also machine washable, because there is no way whites are going to stay white for long in this house!

So in case you missed the first post, here’s how things started out:

Brown! Dark! Sad!

Dank! Gloomy! Barf!

And here’s where we’re at today:

Leeeeeeet the sun shine! (sing it as you read it, it's better that way)