Pinterest Food Challenge!

Why yes, I did design a logo for a challenge I may be participating in solo.

I seriously have about one million recipes pinned on my Pinterest account, and really what’s the point of pinning all these things if I’m never going to do anything about it. Since I started pinning I have only posted about this one recipe, made these and failed to document it,  and followed one tip so I’ve decided that at least once a month I’m going to cook something from my “Om Nom Nom” board and move it on over to the “Things I’ve Made” board.

I decided to start this challenge off with possibly the most unhealthy, delicious thing I had on there: Cinnamon Bun Waffles. Awww yeah. Go big or go home. Also, I recommend eating these things only once in your life because any more then that and you’re just begging for a heart attack.

Notice how I picked something that doesn’t even have a recipe? Yeah, I’m off to am amazing start here:

You need a waffle maker (or in my case, a George Foreman grill with waffle plates), cinnamon rolls, and non-stick spray. You also need a ferocious appetite because these things sit like a rock.

Spray the iron then place two rolls at a time on the iron, had I bought smaller ones I could have placed 4. It took under 5 minutes for these to cook, so keep a close eye and leave the iron on a medium setting.

Spread the icing and eat as much as you can before your arteries close!

Matt only made it through one and a half of these babies, I clearly finished both of mine and the half he did not eat. We both agreed that they taste AH-MAZ-ING. So give it a try if you don’t care about carbs.

Want to join in on the challenge? Just comment on the post with what you’ve cooked!

12 thoughts on “Pinterest Food Challenge!

  1. Thank you so much for posting and talking about what temperature to set it at. before i looked a post up on how to do it i was just going to wing it and have it on high. Also, I have the mini rolls and they were falling apart as i was trying to get them out of the can and I realized that you could pull them apart and make shapes. Like hearts or letters or even numbers. Thanks for the great tips.

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  4. First off, those Cinnamon Bun Waffles look AMAZING! YUM YUM!!!
    Second, I have to ask.. How do you design your graphics? Is it a program you use, like Photoshop or something? I had some things in mind I wanted to make for my blog, but I don’t even know where to start and never knew where everyone else did theirs

  5. OH MAN! I cook stuff from pinterest all the time! I think I’ll join your challenge, but I’ll write up my own post and link you to it 🙂 GREAT idea!!

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