The Most Frustrating Project I’ve Ever Worked On.

It’s hard for me to even write about this project, and honestly when you look at the pictures you’re going to be all “oh, it’s not that bad” and “it looks fine if you don’t know what to look for.” But seriously, I have never sworn as much in my life as I have when working on this project. Eff. This. Project.

Here’s where we last left off in the sunroom:

The room isn’t bad at all, but the problem with it is that it sort of stands alone from the gray and the yellow happening in the two rooms it opens up into. The kitchen is yellow and white and the living room is black, gray, and white so green isn’t really working in here. Unfortunately, the floor is green and that’s staying so I kind of have to work with that. Also, the picture frames, curtain rod, and bar are all bronze/brown toned and they’re staying so I kind of have to work with that too. But still somehow make this room gray.

Originally, when I bought and redid this chair it was meant to be in the sunroom. Then I found the two chairs you see above on the side of the road so I switched up my plan. However, the fabric I bought for the chair redo was black, gray, and copper to purposely start tying in this room with the others- and after redoing the chair I had enough left over (or so I thought) to redo the bench you see above.

That bench needed a makeover. Faux suede is not an awesome idea for a room that is used every single day by a dog that may or may not have wet paws and may or may not hold still long enough for you to dry them off. Here’s what the top looked like:

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink….

I decided to reupholster the bench with my left over accent chair fabric. All I did was staple gun quilting batting right over the fabric that was already on the bench, then staple gun my new fabric on top of that. Unfortunately, I didn’t exactly have enough and I had to fake it to make it. And then this happened:

I know what you’re thinking, Stephanie why the heck didn’t you line up the pattern so it wouldn’t be so obvious. To which I respond: stuff it. I spent a solid 45 minutes trying to get things lined up and I have no idea what the heck wasn’t working, but it wasn’t. So now the side looks like this. Please refrain from pointing it out the next time you come over.

BUT WAIT- THERE’S MORE. I thought I’d try adding nailhead trim to the bench too. It seemed so easy to just measure out the space and tap the little nail heads in. It was not easy.

It’s so crooked. So, so crooked. About 50% of my nail heads were bent and ruined in this process, and I tried about 500 different ways to make this go smoothly. I tried a rubber hammer and a regular hammer. I tried making pilot holes with nails. I tried making pilot holes with thumbtacks. I tried standing directly above and hammering straight down. I tried standing to the side and hammering from a level height. At the end of the day, I don’t think whatever wood was used to make this bench is conducive to nail head trim, it really shouldn’t have been this difficult.

I really just wanted to get nail head strip, like Kenzie did with her Ikea hack ottoman, but Jo-Ann fabric didn’t have any when I went and I didn’t think this would be so bad. Currently, I only have the front and 3 deep in on each side done because I legit ruined over 25 nail heads trying to make this happen. Eventually I think I will pull them all out and add the strip, when it’s in stock and I have a coupon, but for now, from a distance, maybe it’s not so bad?

And yes, I’m purposely not showing you the rest of this room. Patience, grasshopper.

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  4. Actually, I’ve seen wonkier nailheading going on in mass produced furniture. But as someone who travels around her house with a level, I get it. But I think it looks fine, and is a major upgrade! (I want to use nailheads when I get around to upholestering the headboard, but I can see that project ending with me weeping in a corner, so…).

  5. Oh Steph. I know exactly how you feel about having projects not go your way. I had a very unfortunate bead board mishap over the weekend.

    I think your bench looks great. The nail head doesn’t even look bad. And like you said, you can always take it out and do the strip when you find it.

  6. Don’t overstress about it. No, it doesn’t look like you bought it at Target, but you are the only one in the world with this bench and that alone is something to be happy about! (Since it’s so cute)

    and…on a side note…all of us people stupid enough to have multiple dogs know that you’re going to have redo it in a year or two anyway 😀

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